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Pay it forward, Develop. Grow. Succeed.

Super Phoenix provides an enriched Online Class experience for any kid who has been marginalized, felt rejection or is missing the support they need to succeed. 


The Super Phoenix Project helps successful creatives pay it forward by creating an online resource to teach kids the skills they need to become a creator.   Successful creators at every level are asked to help these kids by joining, contributing with a video, post, or even tip, and offering to mentor kids who appreciate your work as a creator.  

Creators can share their talent through pre-existing web classes, create new custom courses, assign homework or create coursework and work with students who submit their work to you.  Creators can also develop courses through live Zoom teaching sessions that are recorded and used for playback learning.  Creators can create any type of creative asset or post to help kids on their journey to becoming a creator.   

Super Phoeonix is not up and running yet so we are asking for volunteers as S

pful sucesss tips posts,  helping the next generation of creatives learn the tools they need to succeed and learn to value their self-worth in the process.  

Super Phoenix was initially an in-person seminar for kids who find safe harbor through The Hetrick Martin Institue or Trevor Project.   We realized by taking these courses online we could extend our reach to a much larger audience.  The Super Phoenix Project is open to all kids but is designed to connect with students who have lost their support system or who feel like they have been marginalized or discriminated against.   During your application process, we ask all students to be open and honest with their applications.   All applications are considered private and your information will never be shared, sold, or used without your permission.   Student information is never shared outside of the    Any information you provide on an application is considered private and will only be used to determine if the program is a good fit for 

Super Phoenix is not fully ready to accept students but we are accepting volunteer students.   Volunteers will be the first students accepted into the program.   Volunteers are asked to participate in the application process and if accepted will be asked to help build the student experience with our creators.   We will make every effort to pair volunteers with a suitable mentor to help start your journey as a creator.  

If you are a successful creator we humbly ask you to offer to share any existing video courses, tutorial videos series, including coursework and assignments, or skill development classes you have already created.   We also ask that you consider creating a course designed to motivate and teach practical skills to kids who have very limited resources.  

To volunteer please fill out the volunteer form today or send us an e-mail.   

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