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January 5 - June 13, 2026

The Series is designed to teach LGBTQIA and marginalized or rejected teen acceptance and self-worth.   This series focuses on teaching every kid that their life has value and meaning despite what they have been told or faced in their past.

Successful creators who have overcome similar adversity, rejection or abandonment share how they overcame their circumstances and created the life of their own design.

The Series is designed to inspire and teach basic coping skills in overcoming their past to make way for a new future.   Courses are designed to separate the person from their creative work so that they can feel loved and accepted while having their work criticized and many times rejected which is part of an artist's evolution.   

Kids are taught how to separate their own self-worth from their work so that they can handle criticism and rejection of their initial work as part of their journey to become successful creators.

Successful creators share their journey of overcoming their past and developing their own creative style.   One key lesson is to understand they will have to endure being told their work isn't the right fit often hundreds of times before they get their first acceptance.      

These videos are not designed to teach specific skills but instead share the message of acceptance, hope and show various leaders who have overcome similar challenges.  The goal is to show kids from all backgrounds that they are not alone, they can overcome their past losses and rejections to become someone they could only dream about.

Testimonials all share a common thread in self-acceptance, overcoming adversity, commitment to continual learning, dedication to hard work, persistence, and how to handle rejection and criticism to become better artists.   The most important message we can share is by enduring all of these things through time and with the help of others they can and will find success.      

Kids are introduced to the concept of thinking of themselves as their own brand and using social media as a tool to express themselves and find their voice and audience.   How to separate their own self-worth from their creative work and handle rejection and criticism without allowing their own self-worth to suffer.   

Most importantly teens are taught how to turn their adversity into strength and be motivated to dedicate themselves to finding their own path and success as a creator. 

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