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Over 12 years ago I volunteered to speak at a workshop called "Man in the City" which was designed to show at-risk kids the success people found coming to New York with nothing and had made it.   I found that the kids couldn't relate to some extremely successful creators.   So instead of sharing all of the success I have enjoyed, I shared where I came from, overcoming the rejection of my family, my god, and feeling abandoned after being honest about myself as a gay man.  I lost everything and made a lot of mistakes but I sobered up, humbled myself, and found my passion in photography.

I shared the years of searching, the countless rejections, the humbling work, constant learning, and the endless criticisms of my work despite everything I endured and after many rejections and failures, I found success. 

Ten years later we did a reunion of the "Man in the City" and I connected with a few of the kids I worked with who were now adults.   Three of them shared with me that the few days I spent with them helped them find the courage to pursue a career as an artist, graphic designer, and stylist.   All three of them told me that I had changed the course of their lives and this one workshop gave them the courage to change their lives into something they were proud of. 

At this very moment, I realized it was my duty to repay all the people who helped me become the person I am today to pay it forward and find a way to reach more kids.   So I founded two new businesses, a community of Artists, Brands, and Celebrities who wanted to enter the Metaverse through NFTs which would help fund Super Pheonix which is a resource of successful creators sharing their stories of overcoming self-doubt, finding their own value, and voice and sharing what they have learned with kids who need some help and guidance.   

The idea of Super Pheonix was born through these kids' lives being changed.  Not by me but by a community of people willing to help these kids.   

So I am asking creators to share a common experience and if they have not faced similar adversity help these kids learn a skill.   I am calling all creators to step up to the plate and pay it forward.   As creators, we have all found the help and guidance of people who came before us.   I ask the successful creators out there to teach and share their skills by creating a video or video series that helps these kids learn how to develop as creators.   

It doesn't matter if you are a stylist, hair or makeup artist, painter, musician, photographer, model, Influencer, Celebrity or designer to share your knowledge with these kids.   Open up and share the difficulties you have overcome and teach them how you found success, teach them a new skill they need, explain how to use the Metaverse to make a living.   We need successful people in every creator position to share their skills with these kids.  If you have a course you have created share it with the program.   Your work will never be wasted and will help kids who have lost everything and need the help of the people they want to become.   

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.   I hope you will join me in the effort to teach these kids a new direction in life.  I need every possible kind of help so if you can please offer your time, resources, money or gently used Apple devices.   

This program saves lives and if you choose to help mentor any of these kids I promise you if you are anything like me the few hours you share will become one of the most meaningful things you do in your life.   Please help pay it forward and reach out to help me make this a reality.   

James Moritz

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